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A professor at Centralia College in Washington recently announced that he’s found scientific proof confirming the existence of Bigfoot.

If true, his discovery just might be one of the biggest scientific breakthroughs of this century in the field of cryptozoological research.

Stop by Mr Bob's Donuts (60 South Main) for fresh "Bigfoot Droppings" delights!

It will pair nicely with Bigfoot Trax ice cream at Artesana Ice Cream (76 South Main).

The area is full of animal debris left by predators that normally pull apart and disperse the remains of their prey.

However, Professor Townsend was surprised when he realised these particular bones had large, human-like teeth marks.

Since this is the biggest Bigfoot Festival in eastern USA, hunters and enthusiasts from across the country will be there with photographs and even plaster casts from expeditions into the woods.

September 14, 2019Don't miss the second annual Bigfoot Festival in western North Carolina that celebrates the legendary creature.

It will be held 10 AM-4 PM on three blocks of Main Street in downtown Marion, located about 36 miles east of Asheville.

At a Town Hall Meeting will allow sharing of encounters.

See a Bigfoot art show at the MACA (Mc Dowell Arts Council Association) at 50 South Main.

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