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If this is done and you can’t come to an agreement via mediation you will have to go before a judge to settle the issues you were unable to agree upon.In some cases, a legal separation can be as complicated as obtaining a divorce. If your spouse agrees to the provisions in the petition all you will need is for both spouses to sign and notarize the agreement so the court clerk can enter it into the court records for approval by a judge.Also, anything you agree to in a legal separation agreement can set precedence.In other words, if you agree to your wife living in the marital home when you file for a legal separation and you continue to make the mortgage payments a judge may order you to continue doing so after a divorce.Your Maryland family law attorney at Lustig & Gudis, LLC will be able to help you determine whether your separation meets all legal requirements for divorce.When asking about a “legal separation” people may actually be asking about a “Separation and Property Settlement Agreement’, often referred to as a “Separation Agreement”.

If you are in this situation, you can explore your options with our Maryland divorce lawyers.

Many of the Maryland grounds for absolute divorce require that the parties remain separated within this specific definition for 12 months or longer prior to the granting of an absolute divorce.

The reason for the separation does not affect whether the separation itself fits Maryland’s separation requirements.

It's important you understand that once the agreement is filed with the court that it is a legally binding contract that you are both expected to follow. Once a judge has reviewed and signed your legal separation agreement it will be filed and on record with the court clerk.

Once it is on record with the court you will want to be sure to keep a copy for your own records.

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