Dating for dog lover

The question of whether someone is a dog person is actually meaningful.

"Everything about the app is about compatibility for who you want to spend life with but also for your dog, because they may not get along," she said.

"And when thinking about dating a dog person there's another piece – dog people see each other as more trustworthy and that they better understand body language." Plus, dog owners are more likely to be athletic, or at least mobile.

Even though Dig is an app, Isaacson said it does encourage people to stray from the swiping culture.

After the cocktail hour, everyone will be asked to sit at a long table with their doggos, which will be seated next to them in luxury dog beds by P. The event is the first of its kind by Dig, which launched last year in New York City.

You can also learn about other doggy vendors like D Pet Hotels, which will be giving away free treats, and Fuzzy, an app that aims to make vet care more accessible and more affordable, among others. Potential couples who hit it off immediately will be able to enter to win a pet-friendly weekend getaway to Hotel Vermont in Burlington, too.

"About 55 percent of single adults are pet owners with dogs leading the way," Isaacson said.

"If you're looking to date anyone who is single, it's more likely they have a pet in the house already.

A lot of people are looking for a dog person without realizing it." If you go: Download Dig to get into the event, which is on Thursday, from to p.m.

at Marmara Park Avenue (32nd Street between Park and Lexington Avenue).

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