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And when someone we care about doesn’t support us, those goals become even more difficult.But should you leave your significant other simply because he or she doesn’t get your yoga obsession?Rather than wanting to stay healthy, live longer, or look good for their spouses, they were driven to the gym to look good for their lovers.Does your sweetie spend an awful lot of time at the gym without seeing results?

Making each other feel special and valued and embracing the art of forgiveness are great places to start.But there may be a dark side to having a partner who practically lives at the gym, and it has nothing to do with health or fitness.If you and your partner are both committed to wellness, don’t panic.One survey of gym-goers in Boston and Washington, D. found nearly half of them have partners who think their gym sessions are unnecessary.But should that added complication be a dealbreaker? “Different lifestyles or exercise habits don’t matter when you have a strong emotional connection with your partner,” says Jamie Turndorf, Ph. According to Turndorf, conflicts over divergent health habits are a sign that something’s off in the relationship.

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Exercise is often associated with its positive benefits — in fact, if you want to stay healthy, it’s vital.

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