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Clooney often gets a bad rap for his acting, and, a lot of the time, I have to agree.

He's had some of the pieces of the puzzle, but not all of them. Who really wants to see a filmed version of the masturbational journals of an idiot like Chuck Barris?The contestant is presented with three prospective dates whom she ...See full summary » This game show introduced a bachelor or bachelorette to three prospective dates, each of whom gave a self-introduction.Their chaperon would disappear leaving them with their own daily adventurous directions and decisions.Dody, after the first week, was tired of the chaperon always trying to get laid, so Dody asked their jeep driver if he would screw her? See more » Can be remembered as one of the longest running reality shows of all time, and the pioneer of its own genre : Reality Dating Shows: The Dating Game has been aired in both prime time(1966-70) and daytime(1965-73), and followed by syndicated versions(1973-74, 1977-80, and 1996-2000).

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I can't believe Charlie Kaufman could have written this alongside Being John Malkovich and Adaptation.

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