Dating good or bad

TV romanticizes the concept that speed dating is cut and dry.The woman meets a guy and the guy is a perv, looks funny, acts strange and is easily eliminated.

It’s not about the outcome, which comes naturally on its own.

The guy meets a woman who seems nice, but she has some deep rooted flaw that makes seeing this person not only a bad idea, but beyond the pale.

For the most part, real life does not work like that.

Last, but not least, the people who run these events while have good intentions don't know how to host them.

The person I met was a very friendly person, but she couldn't get people to move to the next person, but she also spent more time focusing on her girlfriends and talking to her BOYFRIEND that it made the experience an exercise in frustration.

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Despite rumors to the contrary, dating is not like a job interview where you can tell within the first 2 minutes that this is "the one" - and if you think that's the case, then you way too gullible and I wouldn't want to date you anyways.

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