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There's posters of hockey players that I don't know and video game series, a large bookcase filled with books, a computer desk with a laptop resting on it, and a plasma screen TV with a PS3 attached to it.Elsa sits on her headboard before leaning carefully against the headboard when a large bruise on left shoulder catches my eye and I gasp.I'm just really sore since I just finished practice an hour ago" Elsa said massaging her shoulder."How get you that bruise? I stand up to leave before I make a bigger fool out of myself but I'm stopped by something grabbing my wrist." I asked frowning."No comment" Elsa replied."Elsa""My name's Benedict and I ain't in" Elsa said shaking her head."Elsa, tell me" I pleaded."What do you want from me? I looked to see the hockey player's hand around my wrist and I stared at me with a confused look."Anna, I'm sorry.Elsa stares at me for a moment before nodding her consent.I maneuvered myself around the hockey player so I was in-between her and the headboard before placing my hands on her shoulders and massaging them.

" Elsa asked confused."Apologize for not being a very good friend to you over the last few years. I joined because I'm good at it and I wanted to do something that I love.I know that the guys joined the team as well because they want to protect her but I'm not sure if that's enough" I said shaking my head."Maybe you should talk to her and tell her how you're feeling.I'm sure that Elsa will hear you out" Tiana replied."I don't know, Tiana"I know that Elsa's a understanding and forgiving person but I don't know if she'll forgive me for everything that I did to her.I'm going to work hard to truly earn it as well as her trust back because I know that she's worth it."Thank you, Elsa.I missed you" I said smiling."I missed you too" Elsa said pulling me into a hug."I'm going to try something but I need you to trust me" I said pulling away.

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