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As an obese man, I had tremendous difficulty dating.

Often, as an extension of my poor self-esteem, I was attracted to women that overlooked my appearance for other things that I could offer, often selfishly ans with predatory intent.

Thus, it makes sense that Bradford is home to the National Media Museum, which is the country’s most visited museum that is not in London.

For a cultural experience, try a cool restaurant called Zouk Tea Bar.

It’s called Pleasure Attic and is a great store to go to when you are wondering about the hottest vibrators to buy for an XXX encounter.

Another adult store in the area called Pulse & Cocktails, will offer a similar experience!

One day during this initial period of realization, I remember being in a local drug store buying sundries on my lunch hour walk, and I overheard a conversation about a particular product the store didn’t carrying but that I was completely familiar with.

No longer did restaurant booths give me anxiety, plane seats seemed luxuriously large and I’d began to bike and had taken up a number of much more active hobbies.

A life life long dream of kayaking was also realized at last.

It was truly one of the most life altering events in my life. By heavy, I mean a definitively morbidly obese man.

Being in my mid-40’s, I was 5'10" tall (177.8 cm) I tipped the scales at 479 lbs (217.3 kg) and in very poor health. I will not say anything negatively about my former wife as this is my story, not hers.

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