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We weren’t happy about that, so that also played a part in the ranking," he admitted.

As for any internationals hoping to date a Swede, the south of the country could be the best place to start.

"I was surprised, people from Gothenburg are very friendly, but we went to Chalmers University’s student union to hand out fliers and were told to leave," laughed Lindström.

"The same thing actually happened in two other places in Gothenburg.

Capital Stockholm ranked five out of ten, while Gothenburg came rock bottom with only three out of ten. The quality of the date may not be good, but you can get a lot of them." Hoping to compete with dating apps such as Tinder, the app asks users to upload short clips of themselves in order to find potential matches, with the claim being that video provides a more authentic impression of a person than images.

"There are a lot of singles in Stockholm as it’s a really big city, but it’s also really stressed and it seems like their dates are very quick," warned Lindström. But it seems Gothenburg's residents weren't so keen on trying out the new method.

På så sätt nås badmöjligheter och sevärdheter runt om i Karlstad enkelt och miljövänligt.

Ett heter Forshaga slott och är praktfullt beläget i ett öppet björkskogsparti.

De vackra omgivningarna skapar en perfekt inramning för ett romantiskt bröllop eller är en lämplig plats att ta med sin date till om man fortfarande är singel.

I Karlstad lever visionen om en växande stad med bibehållen hög livskvalitet.

Det innebär satsningar inte bara på arbete och boende, utan även på kultur, rekreation och nöjesliv, som kommer varje singel i Karlstad till godo.

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Belägen vid Klarälvens utmynning i Vänern, med 59 200 invånare.

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