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Or: one day he claims he was at home and then when somebody saw him out and about in town he claims to have gone for a drink on his own without feeling the need to ask one of his friends to come along.

Doesn't like it when mom shows around kid pictures of him and his toy kitchen oven.

When he told them he was into guys he says to this day to them, I’m so sorry I hurt you I miss you so much. Another thing, they are major closet cases who can’t be man enough to admit that they are gay. This jerk says, society doesn’t allow me to have equal rights because they won’t allow me the right to get married. You can get an erection for the opposite sex because you have been a bisexual closet case, and you can marry a woman, and live a straight life worst comes to worst, but gay men can’t do that because they have no sexual feelings for women.[quote]Back in the 80s, we used to joke that the true test of a closeted was his thinking that Linda Evans was hot. Wants to get rid of all entitlement programs and diseducate the populace to zero. Remember closet cases often fool themselves as to how hidden they are.

Wasn't Linda Evans considered a dumb blonde sex kitten like all the other (ex)wives of John Derek (Ursula Andress and Bo Derek)? Brings up the subject of homosexuality when ever he can, but usually in jokey manner, it's called relative validation, and most gay men who were nce in the close will know what I am talking about. If he has hair, its styled and very conscious of appearance.1) Bakes2) Sings in a choir3) Virgin at 244) Loves musical theater5) Refuses to get drunk6) Religious family All a single case. Music/choir director for some Evangelical megachurch. There was an episode of House Hunters on HGTV this weekend (it was a repeat) of some closet queen choir director and his frumpy, scrap booking wife and kids looking for a new house in Atlanta. Brian Boitano was annoucing at Improv Ice show on tv yesterday, and he has the largest, most blatent, craziest gay voice on planet earth. And they generally think any gay man would drop anything to do them, since they often drop everything to have a chance at "secretive" gay sex. First of all, in what context would you ask that of a relative stranger?

was about, but men just didn't get it but he did, my eyes rolled. I said, you sexually used women, which is bottom of the barrel, and played with their emotions. He continues to point the finger at men saying what scum they are, and how they mistreat women. I think bisexual guys are much more major users, and losers than straight guys. I'm guessing it will be one of two extremes: completely avoiding the gay man's gaze, or lettling lose "Travolta style" and leering at him as if nobody notices.

R52, what kind of people have you surrounded yourself with in your past or present life? You say: All straight men, like all gay guys have a fav pornstar. An easier question is who are his favorite actresses.

If he's a big fan of Judi Dench and Helen Mirren--gay.

What the heck does your wikipedia entry, R82, have to do with anything?

You are so far off base and demented and uneducated and low brow and unsophisticated that your own personal reality is not anywhere near reality."Educated men with masters and Phd degrees - or just educated men in general - often do not watch porn at all." I actually do know a couple men who don't watch porn at all, but I don't think education has much to do with watching porn.

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