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-- It was early in the morning on June 21, 2014, and Hope Solo had just been arrested on two counts of domestic violence.

The police were trying to book her into jail, but Solo was so combative that she had to be forced to the ground, prompting her to yell at one officer, "You're such a b----.

Solo continued to drink, and Obert says she had a couple glasses of wine with her sister."I was not drunk at all," Obert said in her deposition, which is under court-ordered seal but was obtained by Outside the Lines.

She described herself as buzzed but, "I knew everything that was happening." Her son told police Solo "drank a lot" that night and, in his deposition, he described enduring "a lot of verbal abuse" from Solo throughout the evening.

In fact, as the 33-year-old Solo prepares to lead the United States into Monday's opening-round match of the World Cup, her case is not over; the facts have never been aired in open court, and she has not been cleared. Over several weeks, Solo declined multiple interview requests for this story.

Rather, Solo's case in Kirkland Municipal Court was dismissed by Judge Michael Lambo on procedural grounds, and prosecutors, in a rare move that required city administrator approval, have filed an appeal with the Superior Court of Washington. At a recent press conference promoting the World Cup, Outside the Lines asked her about the case.

The teenager has performed in local theater for years, and at one point he suggested to Solo that being a good actor required "having an athletic state of mind," according to a police report.Obert also suggested Solo should leave at that point.Instead, Solo followed him into the home's converted garage, where the teenager then yelled for his mother, prompting Solo to call him a "pussy" and a "mama's boy," he said to police and in his deposition, which is also under seal but was obtained by Outside the Lines.The information stands in stark contrast to the image Solo has presented in court papers, on Facebook, in an espn W article this week and, most pointedly, during a February appearance on ABC's "Good Morning America." Speaking just weeks after her case had been dismissed, Solo told GMA host Robin Roberts that she was a victim, not a criminal; an embattled woman who, as she always predicted, would be vindicated; a falsely accused athlete who had her day in court, faced the facts head on and was liberated by the truth.There was one problem, though, with Solo's version: It wasn't entirely accurate.

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