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One possibility is that you’ve had so many negative experiences in the past that you’ve grown used to failure, and it’s now ingrained into your identity.

Another is that your personality traits are bending your perceptions in such a way as to make it impossible for you to expect any good things to happen to you.

To assess non-pathological traits, the authors administered the Five-Factor Model of personality questionnaire as their second measure of personality, which contains scales of emotional stability (the reverse of neuroticism), extraversion, openness to experience, conscientiousness, and agreeableness.article continues after advertisement The dysfunctional attitudes questionnaire that Mc Dermut and collaborators used were, in the first study, other scales from the MMPI-2, which provided scores on the “internalizing” (i.e.

negatively self-focused) tendencies toward feelings of helplessness or hopelessness (“I recognize several faults in myself that I will not be able to change”) and self-doubt (“I am certainly lacking in self-confidence”).

Cognitive theory predicts that the negative beliefs you hold about yourself, or your self-schemas, cause you to view your experiences through a distorted set of perceptions.

What will you do to keep the conversation going once you’re there?Nevertheless, despite the use of correlational methods only, the authors were able to test a model in which the contributions of the personality trait predictors and dysfunctional beliefs could be evaluated relative to the negative outcomes, on the one hand, and life satisfaction, on the other.article continues after advertisement The findings revealed that, as predicted, the potentially pathological traits of neuroticism or negative emotionality, psychoticism, and introversion predicted dysfunctional beliefs which, in turn, were significantly related to negative emotional outcomes.Of the three significant traits, neuroticism by far outweighed the other two; in the second study, only negative emotionality and emotional stability (reversed) predicted demoralization.A new study by Wilson Mc Dermut and colleagues at St.John’s University in New York City suggests that personality traits do play an important role in affecting people’s dysfunctional beliefs and, as a result, their happiness.

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