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If your tin isn’t one of the brands mentioned in the Entry Level section, but it’s not listed on the site, then it’s probably a mid level tin.However, we don’t have every tin out there listed on the site so if you think your tin might be valuable, feel free to send us a picture to look at and we’ll be happy to help.Common brands seen as entry level tins are Prince Albert, Velvet, Tuxedo, Sir Walter Raliegh, Dill’s Best, Model, and Union Leader.

We handle all types of tobacco tins and tobacciana from single items to entire collections.

It was named for the future king of England, Edward VII (called "Albert" by his family), and his picture was on the front. was founded by Henry Theodore Cushman in 1889 and remained in business until 1980.

It was packaged in a rectangular red tin container with a flip lid. It made all sorts of things, from pencil boxes to furniture.

That means each child has different symptoms as well as styles of learning."Autism isn’t like diabetes,” psychologist Kathleen Platzman tells Web MD.

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