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The British version is hosted by Caroline Flack, but the tone is set by its snarky voice-over narrator, the comedian Iain Stirling, who mocks the contestants, the show and himself. The “island” is really the luxury villa in which the contestants are trapped — sorry, living — for the summer, which also happens to be on an island. (Versions of “Love Island” have also aired in countries across continental Europe, including Denmark, Germany and Finland.)The villa has everything you need for a monthlong holiday with strangers: a pool, numerous day beds, a hot tub, outdoor kitchen, communal bedroom and lots of string lights.

“Islanders” are allowed outside the villa only for dates and challenges — more on those later — so most of the time they’re at the mercy of the villa’s many, many cameras.

A women’s charity issued a statement on how to spot emotional abuse in relationships.Islanders can also win challenges, which tend to be outrageously silly and lewd.Sometimes, they also involve reading “mean tweets” from the public about the contestants.Nevertheless, viewers have spotted similar themes of toxic masculinity among the men in the current British season. But we're stepping in to help you weed through a majestic subset of this land: reality dating competition television.

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(All five seasons are available on Hulu.) Now, CBS is betting that audiences in the United States will do the same: Beginning Tuesday, episodes of an American “Love Island” will air every weeknight until the August 7 finale, offering viewers the salacious highlights of the couples’ dalliances in a tropical villa.

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