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A person with a disability of some kind may tend to feel unattractive, or even less worthy of sexual partnership or relations, because they think that they can't live up to the idealized image today's society has set.If the disability happened later on in their life, the person may recall how they used to look and feel very unattractive by comparison to who they once were.

Dating someone means taking on their literal and metaphorical baggage, and disabled people have more accoutrements than average.My disabilities aren’t negatives or flaws, they’re just part of our life. And, as she confided in me recently, a changeable medical condition does always keep our lives exciting!I was sure to remind her of this at 3am in A&E the other day, while she moaned about the uncomfortable chairs. If you ever feel like you need any help or advice on coming out, contact Stonewall.Picture the scene: a sunny Sunday morning, crisp white sheets, linen curtains billowing in the gentle breeze. Maybe even grumble about not owning chickens, so you can’t have fresh eggs every morning. The people I dated before meeting my wife fell into two camps: the, ‘Oh My God, No, Please Leave’ or the, 'Yes, Let Me Mother You'- who treated me as an adorable non-sexual object they wanted to pet. Regardless of medical annoyances, my loveless heart bothered me the most. Finding someone within that group who fancied me (and I fancied back) but who also didn’t mind emptying sick buckets… Nevertheless, on First Date #371, in strolled a cheeky, grinning brunette who took one look at my hearing aids, assumed they were a Bluetooth headset and laughed uproariously when I corrected her.Hours snuggled in bed together, happily chatting, feet entwined. something about her smell, her smile, makes you reach over, grasp her hand, spin her back around and…POP! In fairness, my wife’s poached eggs are marvellous! I don’t consider bad health or floppy limbs to be particularly tragic. I explained, adding that it came with other symptoms, but she was more interested in what I wanted to drink, and too busy asking did I particularly like National Trust houses?

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