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I was putting my needs to the side again to help him with his depression and to make sure I kept him afloat. I felt like I was failing as a mother trying to be there for him. My heart was beating out of my chest because I wanted to say ‘wait’ or ‘no.’ But instead, I looked up and remember glancing at a woman with her hands on her face, so excited about the moment, maybe more excited than me.

I choked on my word – ‘yes.’ trying to convince myself. ’ Then the real questions started to appear: ‘If I ended the wedding now, will needed to work on himself alone before he could be in a relationship or another marriage. He didn’t love me or care about what I needed to feel safe. My marriage with my ex-husband was Facebook perfect. Everyone was in shock when my relationships ended, both times. But let me tell you something too, our kids need to see us fail and be able to talk about it.

My mind was wandering, and my ‘mom guilt’ started to set in.

I was renting a room and trying to figure out this whole life situation at 21.

I already had a scrambled brain on what love really was because of my past.

I cut ties with him after he said, ‘She’s going to die soon, I’m just dating her out of pity.’ That should have been my absolute one hundred and ten percent sign (along with the cheating! I was on 5th street and All American Way in Westminster, California. In 2016, he moved all his stuff into the spare bedroom and I knew he was seeking other women.

It’s funny, I can always remember the place and the faces of the people behind me, but not much more. I was too afraid to admit I didn’t remember anything. When I finally tried talking to him about the night our son was conceived, needing some kind of explanation or closure years later – instead of comforting, me he got angry and yelled at me. ’ It was all building up and I needed to talk about it.

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