Dating someone with overindulged kids

We just got back from a family vacation that went better than I expected. A few months ago, I dreaded driving even across town.

This was a major change in our family.” When your children become overindulged rather than grateful, pull back on the area where you’re giving too much and look for ways to increase the areas where you’re lacking.

The hearts of both parents and children harden toward each other, and closeness becomes a thing of the past.

The Solution When Donna finally arrived in our office, we saw some pretty serious heart issues that had grown over the years in both the kids and their mom.

Be careful, though, that you don’t confuse the gratefulness principle with the overindulgence trap.

Some parents, wanting their children to like them, recognize giving gifts opens the heart, so they overdo it by giving them too many things.

Donna had already started setting limits in several areas.

Look for opportunities to take advantage of gratefulness as you work to draw closer to your kids.

Give your children small gifts of love day after day.

One dad told us he and his wife had given fourteen-year-old Gracie a cell phone, a computer, a late curfew, lots of clothes, and freedom to choose many of her own activities.

We helped these parents see Gracie was making some unwise choices and becoming demanding.

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