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Many of the girls are very beautiful and I hope that they have attained a physical state that they find rewarding.

After watching a lot of documentaries about shemales and some of the more popular shows, I am always struck by the fact that many (though not all, and I have no idea of whether this accounts for a significant portion of the population as a whole) of those TS featured do not enjoy the state that so many of us love (pre-op) and/or feel that they don't want to fuck someone else (or will but only for pay) even if they do have their equipment intact.

The Rolling Bombers line continued for the duration of the war (war years: 1942-45).

I read somewhere that Danielle Foxxx had this operation - Can anyone confirm this? She had a perfect cock But I guess they all have their reasons for one thing or another. I don't know whether this is the dream of every LB or even most (even 51%.) One thing's for sure, a lot of the LB-loving guys here really want their cocks to remain intact.

Not every Tgirl wants SRS and some never have it due to a health condition or lack of cash or are scared to take the step which can never be undone, Others like me can't wait to have the surgery it depends on what each Tgirl wants we are all differnt and rember not all Tgirls make adult films or pose for naughty pictures, Some like me just want to be a normal woman and just blend in, And yeah the most of the guys here get upset about the girls loosing there cocks, I just wish they could only understand that some of us girls hate having it and we want to be just like other girls and have a vagina, Rember the girls who under go SRS are doing it for themseleves and not you, Is it too much to ask that after putting smiles on your faces by posing and making films for you that you can't be happy for them once they become completely female which is all they ever wanted to be is that too much to ask?

They also have a nice hard cock for me to use; I am bisexual and a pre op is giving me both in one package.

" I like ladyboys because they are feminine and have nice tits and ass'.

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