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You can discuss gross (monthly) earnings, but not daily earning totals.

Posted by: Carson Mc Comas | Jun 21, 2006 PM Ok, thanks for clearing that up Carson.

Build sites that no one else has done before, stuff only goes viral the first 1 or 2 times after that you have to buy your way into a market. And I thought I was doing good when I got my first check for 0 bucks. Posted by: Noah Winecoff | Jun 15, 2006 PM Breath taking story! Posted by: Pedro Monteiro | Jun 16, 2006 PM I just wanted to share another free dating site

The design is better than most singles sites that I have used.

Can you share some of your favorite sources of inspiration and ideas? certain blogs/books/magazines) Never bothered reading books, magazines Just started reading blogs lately outside the dating world.

For the most part I treated it as a video game, and defeat isn't an option you just find some way to win.

Posted by: Colin | Jun 21, 2006 PM He is a brilliant person. Posted by: Don Omar | Jun 23, 2006 AM Hi Markus, I'm from Hudson's Hope. It's good motavation for other Hudson's Hopers to strive for bigger and better things.

You probably know me as Willow's little sister.

For that business its just a matter of repetition and fighting boredom.

At the end of the day you just need to sit down and DO it. You've obviously done a brilliant job marketing the site because you have some insane traffic numbers.

What do you feel has been your most successful marketing move and why? My best move was not going out and spending a ton of money, with online dating you need to spend .00 for every free member, and most of those leave on the first day and the few that do become active don't stay more than 3 months.

(I hate it when that happens.) I asked Markus to share a few thoughts with us, and he was kind enough to oblige.

You're a one-man show running a very successful dating site. Back in 2001 after my birthday someone in the office introduced me to online dating sites.

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