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When I see a man in his 40’s dating a woman in her 20’s, I immediately lose respect for him.

The results are discussed in light of Erikson's stages of identity development and more recent research that suggests women's identity development follows a different course from men's Received Ph. in child development and family relationships at the University of Texas at Austin. Recent research addresses the dynamics of relationships in adoptive families and the consequences of openness in adoption on family members.It seemed like a good thing to be experiencing similar phases of life together. I certainly am not looking for someone who will be around all the time because I have my own interests and life and enjoy my space.I also wanted to maximize the chance that we would be able to spend the most years together – if we decided to marry. I find most men from about 35- 49 are the ones rushing to quickly create a serious relationship and need to be entertained and constantly be made to feel wanted/paid attention to.Do you have anything you would like to confess (even if it’s just to the pages of your journal)?You’re going to make lists that will add up to 100 things you love.

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