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Look at a happy couple, a kid playing with his dog, or a Pride parade. Before you forget what love feels like, always remember that it’s everywhere.And if you still can’t find it, just try following our advice, and you’ll quickly find love where you least expect it, from within you.There are many reasons why a person may feel unloved, and it’s not always because someone forgot to show them love.Loving someone is a two-way street, which means that being unloved is not just one person’s fault.

No matter what it is, that sort of attention is important, because when no one listens, your cries for help will never be heard.Maybe you’ll see that someone really does love you, but you were just a little sidetracked because of the conflict you’ve been feeling within yourself.If you truly believe that none of the ways people show love is applicable to you, then there’s always a way to change that, and we’re here to help. The little things, when put in perspective, can turn out to be really huge gestures of love.Feeling unloved because you’re not getting what you expected is a normal reaction, but not something that you should take to heart.Some people don’t understand why they feel that way, but they do know that it’s because they’re not getting the love they think they deserve.

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