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When I suggested one of the dates I read in this book she immediately accepted.

We have gone on 3 more dates since and she admitted to me that she only went out the first time because the date sounded like a lot of fun even though she wasn't that interested in me, but has really gotten to like me over the last few dates.

Don’t worry if you are no wine connoisseur, there are plenty of wine tasting events for amateurs and you will learn all the basics of wine tasting and how to tell a good wine from a bad one. Take a hot air balloon ride Up, up and away in a beautiful balloon!

The fall evenings are just right to sail above the autumn landscape in a hot air balloon and it’s so peaceful and romantic.

The trees look absolutely beautiful decked out in their gold, yellow and brown leaves.

If you write down all those things that you’d really love to do.There is something really lovely about this time of year that makes couples hold on to one another as they kick their way through the fallen leaves, or sit together in a park bench.So, don’t let the end of summer bring on the blues, there are still plenty of things to do, both indoors and out.It’s then that the sun is low in the sky and illuminates the golden colours with a soft light.Golden trees, piles of leaves, or locations with a view of water, all make the ideal backgrounds for truly romantic pictures. Wine tasting If you have ever wanted to go to a restaurant and be able to sound like you know what you are talking about when you order the wine, then a wine tasting experience can be a fun and educational fall date for two.

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