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Their guest house is facing bankruptcy and then a mysterious baby and single mother appear at Waikiki. and my fav couple is dushik and soo ah, they're so cute!!!! Being a new mum, i've kinda shifted my taste in dramas and go for dramas with babies and dramas that are lighthearted and fun, i have no time for all that heavy stuff and no time being fully invested in a drama. Love how hilariously ridiculous this drama could get and also has alot of heart to it. This kind of halted my enjoyment a bit for the last episode. when you have a problem watch this and surely you will forgot it. I wish also the season 2.I am a fan of Kim jung hyun.. I love the three guys, the weird mom, the super adorable baby and the other cast who made this drama so heartwarming. In every episodes they make you laugh like anything....i don't like the chemistry between donggu and yoonah tho.. i really hope there will be season 2 with same cast.. I hope for season 2,3,4,5.......ahaha..seriously i wish for another season! The struggles of the characters and their bond and grow It was funny at first but as the story goes I was lost my interest and felt I just I need to finish it because I have invested my precious time. There's still a lot of things that you need to complete. There were a few episodes that I thought were funny but not necessary to the drama. i just hope that the baby have lots of appearance in this show i do really like to see the baby she is super cute. This drama is very funny and i recommend you to watch this drama if you ever feel sad or stress or depress or whatever haha. At first, I thought it was so over the top, but once I got to know the characters better, I just can't get enough of. Lee Yi Kyung better get lead role offers after this; he is just too good not to with his portrayal of Lee Jun Ki. after a hard day’s work..story can really make your day..loving it... I love all the actors though they are not too popular but their actions are great.I even suggested it to few of my close friends who are not into korean dramas, and guess what? I don't think I've ever watched such a funny kdrama before. Bong-Doo-Sik is my favorite he was cute, funny and smart the annoying part was if his so smart why don't he use it? Storyline is wonderful and great, I can’t emphasize enough how great this drama is. Have just completed Ep 1 and realized have been laughing multiple times and have laughed more in one episode than I have laughed for many shows for their entire duration. Our 3 men are nicely set up and the baby is so cute! Geez PR people of WTW you really need to learn about timing. I wasn't really expecting anything when I started watching this show but this became the best comedy drama of the year for me! The references to Goblin and Titanic were hilarious. 4 episodes left is enough to make them being a couple. LOL i don't even understand how it's possible but this drama gets better and better with each episode. Don’t know why body functions and fluids are so funny to some people. WTW is the ultimate KDrama that wins hands down as the funniest most comedic show EVER! And with an extra 4 episodes it has proven and solidified itself as the #1 Monday-Tuesday night drama that is most looked forward to; regardless of ratings this is my LOL fix. Dong Gu-Yoon Ah couple doesn't need that type of jealousy scene to show their feelings... My stomach is hurts caused of laughing too much every time I saw this drama. @safira, I totally agree, his behaviour in Ep 8 was overkill. Please do watch regardless of who the actors are but because of what kind of actors they are in this drama. I laughed so much from beginning to the end of episode. One suggestion from me : Don't watch this drama when you are eating. When watching drama, my number one rule is to check who are the actor playing on It. Watched the 1st and 2nd episode and I laughed for 2 hours straight!This drama wasn't just comedy though, it also had interesting characters who were very much unique and all brought an edge to the show. The actor who stood out the most was Lee Yi-Kyung especially when there is an audition for a role he shows how flexible he is with his character. The scenes with Park sung woong were so hillarious that I kept going back to them. It would have been great dropping the dating news after the drama ended. I can't be bothered watching episode 19 and 20 you just burst my bubble. But clap clap cast and crew you did really well and need to be recognised at Awards time❤️ I love all characters in this drama the best is you Lee Jung ki you are so funny make me smile I waiting for your part can't expect next episode or many skill that you can. This show makes me laugh and all the characters are so funny in their own way. But I wish they make Yoona return to her old self that clumsy little knowledge in front of Donggu they're really cute back then hahaha Ohh please continue for the season 2, 3, 4, 5.. the humor is outstanding without being forced or over the top, the cast is perfect, and all the couples are so so cute. I have to say the casting is just on point so much that I can't imagine anyone else taking the role. I didnt expect that Lee yi kyung were also part of this drama. He has his own charm and looks great in any hair style. Omg i love him This drama is good even it kind of another cliché Kdrama but you can't stop to love it because of the cutie baby Sol . Good job for the writer, cast, director, and all the staffs. The crush was cute but they milked it for too long in my opinion. Seriously, this is one of the funniest drama i've ever watched. You will surely enjoy every episodes and the riot of all the cast. Lee Yi-Kyung is just amazing, his character very hillarious and all his scenes make me laugh. I was kind if skeptical to watch another drama after the last drama I watch. When I'm finally giving up, come across with this drama. I googled it and it turns out that haven't heard of the actors whose playing on it but I give it a shot anyway.. 1 to ep.4, I was having a grand time and laughing like crazy!!! I only know two of the casts coz I've watched 'Go Back Couple' and 'Strongest Delivery Man' so this drama is refreshing for me. This is the laugh out loud kind of drama with pure comedy. You're my "unnie" only by a few months but I adore you and believe in you. Eunji, if you're reading this, you will be perfect for the role.

She's already a very good singer, why the hell does she need to act? I was really impressed with Eun Ji's work on Reply 1997. she beautiful in her own way, multi talented, cheerful, easygoing, always smile. You are so adorable and low profile, i love your cute smile and your friendliness. Saranghae uri eunji yaaa Please do CHAEBOL'S DAUGHTER! Hoping all the best and amazing things for my bb girl ❤❤❤ Eunji yeppeota. And please do have a drama with Kang Minhyuk (CNblue) i ship you guys. Please somebody read this and make a drama for them! Hope to see you soon in a drama again when you're not that busy ? I also find you humble; I'm sure you will go a very long way in the entertainment industry. ♡ Hope that she will return to the smll screen as the main lead ASAP..i miss her acting a lot... I hope that she will act with Yoo Seungho in a drama. is not even finished airing but I would really love to watch you in another drama ASAP :) I will be praying for another project. thanks to my friend who is an addict for Korean dramas.. if you dont like her acting or even just herself, then why are you even on this website. You seem to me a natural at singing and very sincere in acting (I've seen you in Reply 1997 and Trot Lovers). " though I've seen her from all of the dramas shed been to but just this recent time have i discover her .. and a humoristic personality which really makes people smile. On top of that,she does acting&even impressive in it i mean..., What is she actually? i really dont know how your mind works but if you want to write hate mesages, please go away and write it in your diary or something.

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