That being said, I gotta’ hand it to New Yorkers, because I think we are at least a bit more forthcoming about our wants/needs than in other parts of the world, namely Australia, where a roundabout approach seems to be the favored method. Before the date – Texting versus Calling With the invention of texting (along with finger cramps) comes vague and lazy ways to ask people out.

Over the next week, it is possible that this ‘dating’ (if you can really call it that) will have you obsessing over your phone. What kind of dating system allows this sort of behavior? The compulsive need to re-check the phone after you looked at it only 3 minutes before may have to do with the need for clarification. After all the texting before the ‘date’ and the questionable activities on the ‘date’, there is bound to be more confusion after the ‘date’.

To the point where you don’t even know when someone is interested. At the end of the night, after taking off her shoes – sighing with the relief of feet freedom – she gets a text from her male friend: “I only went out for you.” What are these Australian guys thinking? Are Australian women encouraging this behavior by accepting it? To find out more about dating in Australia and other parts of the world (including New York! Follow as four women in four cities take on 365 dates between them.

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