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That means it's OK to openly talk about it at work now, right? Sure, you can tell your office friends, but don't run to tell your manager or VP that you're dating your co-worker.

It's great to have a personal relationship with your manager, but this isn't one of the things you should share until it's serious.

I was the little HR intern, and he was the little engineer intern. Although, we didn't actually “date” during our internship, but we became an official couple less than a month after our internship ended.

According to Career Builder, 38 percent of people say they have dated a co-worker during their working lives.

Try to be friends for at least two months, but know that three months is even better.

Some people will say ‘absolutely under no circumstances should you ever date a co-worker.You might think you work in a huge office, until you're trying to avoid someone.One month of being friends isn't enough, by the way.But from an HR perspective, I have to tell you to proceed with caution if you decide to date your co-worker.I've seen many crazy things happen with relationships at work, and since the world is so small, a dating blunder is certainly not the best way to launch your professional career.

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