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routinely sends out to women at online dating sites (as well as his alternate e-mail), I said to myself, "Wow! If I happened to miss seeing that first e-mail (because I may have accidentally deleted it along with all the other vanilla e-mails), Dave M.'s alternate "no reply" e-mail would have definitely caught my attention.

I would definitely respond to that e-mail." That's because the e-mail stands out -- it does NOT blend in with the rest of the same-old same-old bunch. He used some reverse psychology there that's extremely effective. I'd have responded right away for fear of being branded an "average girl." I want to emphasize again that responding to any man's e-mail is a rare occasion for me because you should see the awful and uninspired e-mails I routinely got from men.

But only a small minority of men understand women's psychology very well -- and those are often the men who are wildly successful with women. asked me to take a look at his Insider Internet Dating program and give him my honest opinion, I was quite frankly SHOCKED by what I found. explains the psychology of women so accurately that it made me suspect he's been eavesdropping on women's conversations or reading women's minds. On the Internet, our power is multiplied dramatically because men who join online dating sites far outnumber women.

So we have dozens and sometimes even hundreds of men groveling at our feet -- begging us for our phone numbers and wanting to take us out on a date. These e-mails from men are all alike -- lame or sometimes even disgusting -- and we treat them with as much disdain as those unsolicited commercial e-mails (AKA spam) and DELETE them as fast as they come.

Here's the first thing you need to know about women: A woman can be made to do ANYTHING for a man, and be willing to do a man's bidding – but ONLY if a man knows a woman's psychology.

Yes, women are so easy to control and manipulate that it's quite laughable, really. The fact is, when it comes to dating, women have the upper hand (as you guys know) -- and we are keenly aware of our power.

This made me feel that most men who join online dating sites are losers.

Hey fellas -- I'm about to reveal to you something about women that other women don't want you to know.

And that's why I'm using a pseudonym (Anna Maria) because I don't want other women to find out that it was I who spilled women's secrets to men.

In a universe of sameness, things which are different will grab our attention.

I've received literally thousands of e-mails from all kinds of men -- and guess what?

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