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I use Quicken 2017, normally on my i Mac, and my Quicken data file is stored on my i Cloud drive (in a subfolder of my Documents folder.) But when I travel, which is frequently, I need to be able to use that data on my Mac Book.

That worked great when I stored the file on Dropbox.

Worse yet, if I accidentally open that file, Quicken will update it and create a "newer" saved version based on that obsolete file, and when this happened to me, I was in a panic that I was going to get home and discover that my file on the i Mac had been overwritten by this older file (now with a newer date on it.)Fortunately, that didn't happen, because i Cloud Drive didn't update going that direction either.

Let’s learn what is Dropbox and how to use Dropbox on Mac like a pro!

In a nutshell, Dropbox is a cloud-based service that is used for file storing, synchronization, and numerous other purposes.

Since it supports a wide range of platforms like i OS, Android, Windows, Mac, and so on, it lets us sync our data across different platforms as well.

Ideally, 2 GB of space is available for free on Dropbox for every user.

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