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To the vast majority of American classical liberals, however, laissez-faire did not mean no government intervention at all.On the contrary, they were more than willing to see government provide tariffs, railroad subsidies, and internal improvements, all of which benefited producers.Ordoliberalism and various schools of social liberalism based on classical liberalism include a broader role for the state, but they do not seek to replace private enterprise and the free market with public enterprise and economic planning.For example, a social market economy is a largely free market economy based on a free price system and private property, but it is supportive of government activity to promote competitive markets and social welfare programs to address social inequalities that result from market outcomes.[A]t the center of classical liberal theory [in Europe] was the idea of laissez-faire.(Strictly speaking, we should perhaps speak of “enacting a social minimum policy regime”; but “enacting a social minimum” is a less clumsy phrase, and these comments should suffice to make clear what we mean by it.) These concepts—of the social minimum and of a social minimum policy regime—are intended to be quite abstract, and they clearly raise further questions.

We define a “social minimum policy regime” as a set of policies and institutions that serve to secure reasonable access to this social minimum for all members of the society.

We investigate whether any of these objections offers a convincing reason against enactment of a social minimum.

Section 4 offers a brief conclusion to our discussion. We shall refer to this set of institutions and policies as a “social minimum policy regime”.

As part of the task of clarification in this section, we review some of the main philosophical issues posed by these definitions.

In particular, how are we to understand the notion of a “minimally decent life”?

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” We consider three sets of objections that appeal respectively to the values of individual freedom, fairness, and legitimacy.

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