Error updating the password file android samba fileshare

If you want to decide whether to keep Everyone as a Reader or change them to a Reader/Writer (or vice versa), read Step eight. If "Everyone" isn't on the dropdown list, you may be able to type "Everyone" in and click Add.If Everyone is not listed, click the dropdown arrow next to the "Add" button. Feel free to comment if this is an issue and/or it doesn't work.

Then XBMC can export, but you have to deal with the danger that anyone on the network could change the files.

DNS Client, 2 Function Discovery Resource Publication, 3 SSDP Discovery, and 4 UPn P Device Host services.

Then go to ADVANCED NETWORK SHARING and enable everything for HOME/PUBLIC networks...

In this window, click "Leave the homegroup..." A warning will pop up.

Go ahead and click "Leave the homegroup." : You are now at the "Change sharing options for different network profiles" page. First, left click on D:\Movies (or whatever your folder is named) to make sure it is highlighted. Put your mouse over "Share with" and four options should pop up "Nobody, Homegroup (read), Homegroup (read/write), Specific people." Click "Specific people..." : You should now be on a dialog that is entitled "Choose people to share with." Your goal is to share the folder with "Everyone." On the dialog there should be a list of people.

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The software is commercial but there is a demo version at least. Well, like I said I never had the issue of being prompted for a user/pass with my windows settings(..problem was that my smb sharing on my xbox through xbmc was not seeing anything when I looked(..gave me an error), but I figured it out through some manual IP/Gateway/DNS settings on both PC and xbox... Because for me I shared a folder on the desktop, but the share directory for me was NAME-PC\Users\Name\Desktop\ said my folder was shared, but I noticed that the Users folder had a lock over it..make sure there isn't a road block hidden some where, Win7 seems weird like that...

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