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Shlomi Cohen of Shlomi Cohen Photography has kindly provided the installation and update guide below.

If using Windows 7 or earlier you can disregard step 3 of Disabling Driver Signature Verification. Do NOT connect the flash/trigger to the computer at this point.

There is also (at the time of writing this) no update software available directly for Apple Mac users.

AD600B / AD600BM: Press the Menu button and the firmware version will be displayed at the top right corner. Disable Driver Signature Verification using this guide. Make sure the installation has completed successfully. I have not tested the software with later versions of Java, even though later versions were available. Turn the device OFF and connect it to the PC using a USB cable. Check the firmware version on the device and make sure that it has updated. Restart your PC to return to the normal driver signing verification mode in Windows. Note: If you ever update the firmware for a different device (Transmitter/receiver/flash/whatever), repeat this entire process, including reinstalling the drivers.

If there is an error with installing the drivers, try to correct the problem before continuing. The display of the device will not show anything, but your PC should make a sound that a new device has been connected to it successfully, you might not find any new devices under the “Device Manager” in Windows, this is normal. Run the firmware update software, make sure it is connected to the device and start the process. After the process has finished, the display on the device might be on. The drivers that are included with the firmware update software for flash triggers seem to not be working well with the flash, even though they show up under the same name.

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I tried to flash my phone with firmware 057.004 my nokia e73. Then I tried downgrade becouse latest version had lot of errors.

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Detected P-KEY: 90009699 P-key nokia module version 01.02 Init usb communication...

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