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Our valued partner channels from Hard X, Tushy, My Very First Time or Ass Traffic showcase how beautiful anal sex can be.For an as yet unknown reason the housemates alicia into a discussion douvall genital hygiene practises after Cami Li invites Katie Price to pussy her company in the bathroom while she showers.Speaking to the group, the alternative model reveals that she drinks pro-biotic yogurts for 'vaginal freshness' and thus enters the record books as giver of information that literally no-one wanted to know.And if you want to do anal more than once, you better make sure that the first time doesn't end up a horror show for her and her beautiful ass. You see, once you get used to the gaping part, anal fucking is not as big a deal as it might seem.And be open to suggestions she might make, like maybe sticking a finger up yours in return. And after all, if there is such a thing as a male G-spot, then it is accessible via the anal sphincter. It's very common nowadays, in many cultures and nationalities.

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Katie Hopkins has such a way with words in the Celebrity Big Brother house.

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  2. It could well be that you date a guy who, it turns out, is already seeing someone (casually/on-off), and wonders if this will be a problem for you. Sure, the guy might offer to break it off with this other girl “if you want me to”, but the very fact that he’s into two or three girls at one time is a big fat dating red flag.