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Yes, the fancy new HTC One M8 is out now, but the HTC One isn’t going anywhere fast.You can check out our HTC One review for the full story, but every smartphone has its flaws.

Bear in the mind that the aluminum body of the HTC One may feel warmer than a plastic phone would.In this article, we’ll round up the most commonly reported HTC One problems and try to offer up some solutions for anyone suffering from this beautiful phone’s known issues.———— Quite a few people seem to have run into a problem with the earphones or headphones not working with their HTC One.If you are experiencing issues with the wireless receivers, or if you are encountering "Wireless Receiver Not Detected" or "USB Device Not Recognized" errors, please see the topics below for troubleshooting suggestions: If Windows is displaying a "USB Device Not Recognized" error after the Vive USB cable is plugged in, and one or both wireless receivers are missing from the USB page in Steam VR settings, the receiver may have been damaged.Contact Steam Support and attach a copy of your System Report.

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Potential solutions: It’s a horrible moment when you press that Power button and the blank screen just goes right on staring back at you. Here’s what to do: Potential solution: If you find that the camera on your HTC One refuses to load then you are not alone, and there is a potential solution.

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