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We had a nice conversation and he said he’d like to come back to NY again.He made another date quickly and, a few weeks later, I set him up to stay at another friend’s home for Shabbat.After we settled those issues we had a wonderful time and I was really looking forward to getting to know Judy better.

Judy: Shortly before the three weeks he contacted me again and asked if I was seeing anyone.He took me for a long romantic ride in the moonlight on his boat and we shared a bottle of wine. David: I had a really good time showing Judy the hospitality of the Ann Arbor community. He came to me for Simchat Torah, met more of my friends. The relationship was getting serious because we had explored all the important aspects of dating with marriage in mind including Hashkafa, communication, chemistry, attitudes towards money and family.I invited some friends for a barbecue and boat ride and Judy completely took over the kitchen and cooked up a storm. I came to him for Shabbat and cooked for some of his friends at his apartment. I loved watching David in different situations – learning how he handles challenges, what made him happy, what made him upset and how he expressed himself. I just liked being with her, spending time with her, and getting to know her. We are a creative organization that believes that great ideas lead to the results in appropriate brand building.We offer full complements of Brand Management, Advertising, IT services and Event planning, through strategic Integrated Marketing Communications and giving excellent production.

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This time we got together with his daughter who was in town on Sunday. We went to a museum together and the four of us had fun trying to find a bathroom amid all the exhibits. I had high hopes and was willing to speculate that David was the real deal—everything I’d been looking for. David: I was very excited about having a second date with a very attractive, warm and interesting woman, who let me know that she was interested in getting to know me as well.

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