Girl dating 2 guys at once

One of the most controversial ideas I teach in dating is to go on multiple dates, with multiple guys, before you become exclusive with anyone.

It's a controversial idea, but it's also one of the most successful.

You might find that, once you deal with it, you're not such a fan.

There may be other traits you thought you would hate, but which, to your surprise, you learn you quite like.

Rather than wasting a year with them before their insecurities force a breakup, you've achieved the same thing in a month.

If you'd been dating them exclusively from the start, you would have missed out on this benefit. They're a key factor in self-worth and personal happiness.

Right, here are 9 rock-solid reasons multiple dating works.Not only does your challenge (and therefore your attractiveness, in his eyes) decrease, you're putting yourself in a position to be more vulnerable to the dopamine swings than he is.It's an uneven playing field, and one on which you're likely to lose.Like a speed user, the more hits you get, the more you focus your attention and derive pleasure from their presence alone.It can even create positive perceptive illusions, literally blinding you to a new lover's negative characteristics. Nor-epinephrine levels rise, giving you the 'high' and sleeplessness of new love, while there is strong evidence that serotonin levels in new lovers resemble those found in clinically diagnosed obsessive compulsive sufferers.

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