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These men can't handle mature women, so they can wow the teenage girl because she is more immature in most cases and is more apt to look wide-eyed in wonderment at him which he's suck up like a sponge. william-leith So basically younger women are generally more desirable because of A. Some women have a double standard when it come to male and female. It's not healthy and it annoys men when women say 'I'm so fat' (when they are blatently not) and then when we say 'no, really, your not' they think were just feeling sorry for them and were lying.

Not all men go after younger women, but it's true, many do. However i believe men don't like women who are too…

Keep in mind that a fantasy is one thing, but for an older woman to act upon that fantasy about an under age teen would make her a pedophile and a molester.

It is no different than if an older man acted out his…

This is strictly my own opinion, but in my 66 years young teenage girls never turned me on.

Years ago, the thought of older women dating younger men was considered taboo.It brings back their youth, they want to feel young again and the younger woman provides that (for awhile.) Again, this is immature and the desire not to grow up. Alot of teenage girls (ages 13-18) have a stage in life where they want to be more mature (and sometimes overly do it). So the reason why is because they think that they are mature but they are not. As a physician, I've treated teenage girls with testosterone therapy when their levels are low. I nothing wrong them to see nude on television or in public as long there no sexually behavior involved.Of course this needs to be differentiated with female hormones and even adrenal hormones.But the moodiness can be due to testosterone deficiency. Naturally, lesbians would be turned on by seeing other women naked.

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