Golden brooks dating white guy who is alycia lane dating now

Music (by Rosey, "Monster-in-Law") is also unique, not the typical made to sell soundtracks hits collection or sappy romantic strings.

Also in its favor is a solid wrapup which finds Kenya alone again attending the cotillion she once debuted at years earlier.

Fingers crossed, she’s hoping for an IBM (ideal black male), but doesn’t expect to meet Brian Kelly (Simon Baker), a hardworking landscape architect. He’s white and “Something New.” This is the kind of movie not meant for a fifty-something grumpy old white guy to see and enjoy.

This is a by the numbers, new-millennium liberal, wears its heart on its sleeve kind of film that is targeted for tweenie girls.

But "Something New" is also the type of film that thinks it's being progressive by showcasing black high society.

Kenya flounders to the point of rudeness, clearly unwilling to consider a man outside of her own race.

Predator") is a successful professional black woman whose career ambitions and picky dating qualifications have shelved her as a perpetual single, but her coworker Leah (Katharine Towne, "Mullholland Drive") fixes her up on a blind date that turns out to be "Something New." Laura: Music video director Sanaa Hamri and screenwriter Kriss Turner (TV writer for "Whoopi" and "Everybody Hates Chris") were shocked to discover that 42.4% of black women have never married.

Taking that as their jumping off point, the two created an ambitious senior bank manager who is surprised to discover the man she can be most herself with is white.

As the young black couples swirl in their black tuxes and white gowns, Kenya realizes what she needs and retrieves her own splash of white to the party outfitted in a too-small borrowed suit in the color Kenya once abhorred - red.

"Something New" is presented with some style and imagination, but at its core it's the same old story.

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