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But after it turns out Dan's also been anonymously stalking and humiliating Serena for years under the guise of GG, she doesn't run a mile and file a restraining order. They were basically an adult version of Dan and Serena (minus the creepy finale), but there was a real spark between them, even though Lily's preference for douchey millionaires was always going to make it impossible for her to choose Rufus in the end.

By the time the pair's long-lost secret love child returned from the dead in season three, it really felt like the writers had no idea what to do with them any more.

Fortunately, not all the series' couples were awful.

Some were a downright delight, maybe they were a fan favorite couple, simply better than the others or they brought a new dynamic to the show.

There was drama that surrounded their relationship, but there were indications that it wasn't going to last.romances in that everybody was with their best match (Chuck/Blair, Dan/Vanessa and Nate/Serena) and the way Serena and Nate drifted apart afterwards never really added up.Okay, so they weren't the show's most compelling pairing, but that relative lack of drama was a breath of fresh air compared to every other messy romance on this list.These two are proof that real love is possible on the Upper East Side. They're toxic as hell, but that's par for the course in , and Chuck's awful behaviour was at least openly acknowledged in the show, so that he had to genuinely change in order to win Blair back.And let's face it – that chemistry alone has to put them close to the top spot. Serena & Nate – it was their scandalous hookup at the Shepard wedding that started it all – and they always made sense together because they're essentially the same person: effortlessly gorgeous, insanely loyal social butterflies with a rebellious streak.

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