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Don attempts to track down a friend, Peggy is set up by an unlikely person and Joan tries to solve a problem with an account.

Jon Hamm, Elisabeth Moss and Christina Hendricks star A baseball star's father is murdered, and police suspect his death may be linked to a gambling addiction.

Plus, the Stig takes the BMW 1 Series M Coupe around the test track and Alice Cooper gets behind the wheel of the Reasonably Priced Car (subtitles) Police officers request a new police support unit or riot van, while a stolen car chase ends with an X5 wedged in a hedge.

The programme also follows him as he is reunited with his girlfriend at the end of his sentence Matthew Weiner's drama set in the world of advertising returns after a mid-series break for its final run of seven episodes.The team reopens the case, and Jack fears he may have bullied the tutor into a false confession during an intense interrogation (subtitles) (repeat)Danny searches for Ricky Russo, the son of former crime boss Happy Jack, who is suspected of killing an off-duty policeman during a diamond robbery.However, Henry suspects the investigation is targeting the wrong man, and decides to see if Happy Jack can shed any more light on the case.Bart steals Homer's wallet to pay for an Itchy and Scratchy souvenir, and Grandma Bouvier is swept off her feet by Grampa - but Mr Burns provides romantic competition, convinced she is the woman for him (subtitles) (repeat)A regular patient suffering from bulimia visits the surgery, and a man struggling with breathing issues and a tight chest is treated by the doctors.Other patients including a woman dealing with depression and anxiety, and a man who is worried that a pain in his leg may be a sign of deep vein thrombosis (subtitles) (repeat)A missing student's backpack mysteriously turns up at a second-hand shop, seven years after a professor was jailed for her murder.

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