Hardcore female chatbots

Shantell Martin’s existential art seeks the answer to the age-old question Who are you.

Touted by Seventeen as “the internet’s new boyfriend,” the To All the Boys I've Loved Before Netflix original series heartthrob nearly broke the internet in 2018.Social media can sometimes be the difference between a hit sitcom and cancelled show.Case in point, the fan favorite cop comedy Brooklyn Nine-Nine.If you have any questions as to why Kathy Griffin is self the described “Mayor of Zero F**Ksville”, just follow her social media accounts to find out why.She has nearly 3M followers between Instagram and Twitter, engaging in earnest conversations with fans and showing off her life on her worldwide “Laugh Your Head Off” stand-up tour. Writer, stand-up comedian, actor, and producer John Mulaney had an incredible year.

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Deemed the “urban monk” with nearly 2M You Tube subscribers and 20M Facebook followers, Jay i...

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