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But don’t be fooled, this neck has nothing in common with modern low profile necks, as it definitely has some girth to it.Notice the Brazilian rosewood fingerboard and mother of pearl inlays.

Driving a Rolls Royce sure is hella cool, but one can have some serious fun with a Toyota.

I would describe it as a medium to slightly fat rounded C shape, very similar to a late 1940′ or 1950′ Gibson profile, only a hair wider at the nut (which is a bonus since the fingers have more room).

Interstingly, the Harmony catalogs of the era describe this neck has “Slim Line”.

It is quite funny that today’s big manufacturers and small builders usually charge extra money for using hide glue, when them old Chicago boxes are full of it. The trim includes a simple and elegant single ply binding on the back… It does have some honest picking wear, as a corollary of it being well loved and well played, like most great instruments.

The neck was expertly reset for perfect playability. Most likely way better than when it originally left the assembly line. The endpin area shows a couple marks / deep scratches, that most likely occured when the guitar was handled while standing on some rough surface.

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