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Following trends set in Europe and elsewhere, in 1877, Don Miguel Rosich conceived an exposition for Ponce.

This was approved in 1880, and the Ponce Fair was held in the city in 1882.

In this occasion the Plaza Las Delicias and various other buildings, including the Mercantile Union Building, the Ponce Casino, and some of Ponce's homes were illuminated with the incandescent light bulb for the first time". Ponce had the best road in Puerto Rico, running from Ponce to San Juan, which had been built by the Spaniards for military purposes.a city and a municipality on the southern coast of Puerto Rico. Ponce, Puerto Rico's most populated city outside the San Juan metropolitan area, was founded on 12 August 1692), and La Ciudad de las Quenepas (Genip City).The city serves as the governmental seat of the autonomous municipality as well as the regional hub for various Government of Puerto Rico entities, such as the Judiciary of Puerto Rico.Agüeybaná, a cacique who led the region, was among those who greeted Spanish conquistador Juan Ponce de León when he came to the island in 1508.Archaeological findings have identified four sites within the municipality of Ponce with archeological significance: Canas, Tibes, Caracoles, and El Bronce.

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