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Troublesome neighbours can seriously damage the quality of home life, but not only do you have the right to live in peace but the legal rights too.Whether it’s head thumping bass of a stereo, persistent shrieks of an over active child or loud footsteps, the chief neighbour nuisance is noise, but neighbours can also make life hell through destructive children, ill-trained dogs, ill-kempt trees and hedges, poor rubbish management and abusive or harassing behaviour.For instance, it can be used if you live next door to someone who has living habits that could be construed as being a health hazard, such as if they use their garden as a vermin-friendly rubbish heap.In such a situation you should contact your local council’s Environmental Health department.For harassment to be committed, there must be a 'course of conduct' (i.e. The behaviour does not necessarily have to be violent in nature, but would need to have caused some alarm or distress and be oppressive.

the average person on the street) would not be alarmed or distressed by the behaviour, the offence is not committed.

Crime and Disorder Act 1998If your neighbour’s bad behaviour, such as drunkenness, violence, damage, intimidation or verbal abuse, is not solely directed at you but affecting the neighbourhood as a whole then your rights to curtail their anti-social activities are supported by the Crime and Disorder Act 1998.

This act rebuts the notion that a child is incapable of crime.

Harassment with fear of violence is a person whose cause of conduct causes another to fear on at least two occasions, that violence will be used against him/her and who knows that his/her behaviour will cause fear of violence on each of the occasions is guilty of an offence.

The law still takes into account the "reasonable person" test when making a decision as to whether harassment with fear of violence has occurred.

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If you decide to start civil proceedings, you can contact the Citizens Advice Bureau (please see the link in related information to find your nearest one) or alternatively, inform your local policing team via their non-emergency 101 number.

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