How to survive dating

Read through your profile aloud and ask the question: would you want to date you?The most successful profiles tend to be about 100 words long and use positive language. But while it’s exciting, it can also leave you feeling a bit bamboozled. This is less about whether they prefer Jilly Cooper to Dostoevsky, but more about what stage of life you’re both at and where you want to be.

In her free time, she enjoys playing Pokemon and cuddling her two cats.even with a demanding career, while raising kids, or when you’re incredibly busy.As an introvert, I oddly find myself drawn to people who are much more outgoing than I am.Don’t be uptight about them going places without you.If you aren’t always in the mood to go out, you have to be comfortable with them going without you. They get to have a night out with their friends and you can enjoy the peace and quiet to be alone with your thoughts (or shamelessly eat junk food pantless while binge watching Netflix). With all the hustle and bustle associated with an extrovert’s life, you’ll be the person they turn to when they need a break from it all.

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