Htc hd2 my locations not updating

Im using Port SIP, which some basic testing appears to work fine (With Exetel) But i will test again and see specifically what happens, when my ear touches it.

I am using the April 1 version of the Energy Rom though. i think the HD2 battery is really poor, i have to charge mine every night in case it runs out the next day im at 54% now, this is from full charge this morning, made 1 call of about 20 minutes and went online for short period twice dud battery? If you've used other WM phones or even i Phone anything with a large screen you'll find you'll be pressed to have your phone last more than 2 days.

BUT Until someone works out how to hack the phone so it can run sense, and be nice and customisable like WM6.5 then Microsoft can jam it where the sun don't shine as far as im concerned.

Winmo7 is a huge step backwards in the form microsoft wants to release.

If, ultimately you are looking for a more 'all over' change of environment, or something that is specific to a ROM, then this is when you would consider flashing. Now I have quicklinks for wifi, bluetooth, data, and soft reset. I really got to try out my HD2 as I went back to work; really enjoyed having a phone with a decent music player (WMP sucks and Pocket Player had issues with my on my Xperia).

Modifications to Sense, icons, fonts etc can be done without flashing. The only thing I noticed is there's no gapless playback :( Battery life is really good too: I'd barely make it through the day with my Xperia before the battery was nearly dead, where as my HD2's currently at 75%...

Carry on browsing without changing your settings if you agree to our use of cookies. I've been running the NRG ROM on the HD2 since I bought it, so it's hard to compare it to stock..h-news/pinch-to-zoom-in-internet-explorer-exists Looks like adobe working closely with HTC...Hi The reason the weather is not displayed on my location is that your location is not on the service.For example if you try to set your location for the next nearest major town it will work.

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