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Reduce lag caused by your location Instant Chess servers are strategically located and connected almost directly to the FLAG cable system (Fiber-Optic Link Around the Globe).

This ensures minimal lag for lightning games between players in the USA and Europe.

Simply log in and see many popular rooms available. We are happy to back to claim our past glory with the all new OMG Chat.

For years OMG Chat was the #1 destination for free webcam chat room and we seemed to suddenly disappear.

The player makes one move per message just like in the old days when each move was sent by post Push-Notifications on i Pad / i Phone Sent to your i Pad / i Phone screen when someone invites you to play or watch a game even when your phone is on standby Email Notifications Sent to your inbox only when you receive on-site message (may include an offer to play turn-based game or a move in ongoing game) Full power of Instant and more We have made our i Pad / i Phone app to provide the best features of Instant and we are dedicated to adding new unique qualities like Legendary Chessmen and new tournaments Every time you play on i Pad / i Phone your game is considered as a normal game on Instant so it is also part of your Games Feed and might affect your position in the related leaderboard and tournament Legendary Chessmen36 sets of playable chessmen and 19 chess boards were reproduced from real objects and are now available on i Pad for the game.

Some of the most popular chessmen are also available on i Phone Our aim is to deliver to you the feelings and flavour of history through the game of chess.

However, you can make your account anonymous which will remove your picture and profile welcome note and disconnect your account from social accounts.

At Instant Chess we believe that the quality of your game depends on how well the level of your opponent matches your level.

Alternatively, you can approach opponents directly or invite a friend for a game of chess Timestamp Eliminates the effect that network lags have on the chess clock so only real thinking time is counted Clock synchronisation Syncs game clocks on each side (you, your opponent and the server) at game end – so no decisive moves are missed Disconnects The disconnects processing system employs a Crafty chess engine for weighing up a game position when a connection breaks.Please note that you still need to play with them when competing in the same tournament Live Share on Facebook Share while you are playing so your friends can watch your game directly from their News Feeds, without even leaving your Facebook page Save game on your social profile Once you finish your game you can save it on your Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, Pintrest, Google , VKontakte, Tumblr or Stumble Upon page so you can easily find it later on and review it Email and Publish Games As an alternative to sharing on social networks, you can email the link to the game page to your friend or get PGN and / or HTML code to publish it on your website or blog Position evaluation Click “Assess” on the game screen and chess engine will evaluate the winning chances for each side in any particular position of the game or your analysis Play to checkmate If your opponent unexpectedly leaves the game, you have the opportunity to continue the game with one of the computer opponents (Alpha, Beta or Gamma; Coach on i Pad/i Phone) and so practice and learn a game ending Games Feed Keeps every game you played in the last 365 days Commentaries Feed Click “Analyse” to create, learn and save your variations for any position of the game when you watch it or play.The feed keeps every game you commented on in the last 365 days Games Archive Save any game from your games or commentaries feeds or export from PGN for further analysis using position evaluation, play to checkmate and other features of Instant Chess game app You can send a message to any Instant Chess player from their profile and at the same time offer them to play a turn-based game of Classic Chess, Fischer Random Chess (Chess960) or Draughts.Prevent mistakes Intelligent premove features protect from accidental loss of highly-valuable pieces like Queen and Rooks while fast premoving (you can opt out of this feature in Program Settings if you don't like it)Instant Chess Ltd is a privately owned software company based in Oxford, United Kingdom.The Russian company Talanto Technologies began developing Instant Chess in 2000.

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rankings, medals, playing time etc) During the week you compete with another 20 people in your league (players with a similar Premium Points score to yours) and if you win top position you are awarded with the right to hold the League Cup for the following week in your personal profile so others can see that and admire it We also mark players from your Premium League as Associates so you can challenge them and weaken their position in your League.

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