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This is – this was – Tevel’s Kathmandu headquarters.Or, as it is also known, “the big house.” This is where the NGO volunteers in Nepal would come, in between their stints in the field – for rest, relaxation and a little Yiddishkeit among the monks, pollution, monkeys and buddhas. That’s when Rabbi Micha Odenheimer took his kids out of school for a few months and went on a family trip to India.The Tevel b'Tzedek group has been assisting poor Nepalese communities for almost a decade.Following the recent devastating quake, the group's Israeli and Jewish volunteers are needed more than ever.“It seemed to me the problem was that they had no real way to sink their teeth into what they were seeing,” he adds.“And so I got thinking of starting a program that would give their travels a new dimension.” Odenheimer wanted, he explains, to both awaken within these travelers an awareness of the need for global social and economic justice, and to relate that to where they were coming from.

Noi Zifroni, 21, from Hod Hasharon, and Ofir Ariel, 23, from the Golan, are hanging out, too, humming along.Back in Jerusalem, at Tevel’s headquarters, the phone is ringing constantly, as concerned parents of the volunteers, from across Israel and the United States, want to know what is happening. But Langer and the other Tevel staffers and volunteers say they have no intention of leaving. Monks slide prayer beads through their fingers and mingle among morning joggers in tracksuits, yogis doing laughter exercises and devotees arriving with offerings of flower petals, coconut pieces and chickens.Minivans and motorcyclists – horns blaring – swerve through the Kathmandu morning scene, leaving clouds of black exhaust in their wake.And that was when, for the first time, he encountered the so-called Hummus Trail.An estimated 50,000 young Israelis depart from Ben-Gurion Airport every year and head out on their “big trip” to far-off lands.

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“I wanted to teach something about the ethical traditions at the heart of the Torah,” he says, “and to help youngsters connect those values of Judaism to the universal. “Let’s start giving some thought to what vulnerability and poverty mean,” suggests Noga Shafer-Raviv, 29, Tevel’s director of community development, who has offered up her student apartment for the get-together.

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