Internet dating fraud and nigeria

A number of supposed official documents (crude forgeries) were displayed to back up the story.

While I concluded that there didn’t appear to be Federal jurisdiction, the perpetrators were eventually convicted of fraud locally.

Although they profess to be American and born in the US, they are invariably working overseas in Africa (what a surprise) on construction projects that usually involve building churches or orphanages.

Their command of the English language is horrible and they use phrase like ‘foodstuffs’ in place of food, cos in place of because, never capitalize the letter ‘i’ and don’t type (or think for that matter) in complete sentences.

Here is what I have experienced (luckily, I was smart enough not to fall for it): A guy starts communicating with a “woman” (the pictures are attractive).

Initial contact between victim and scam artist is to take the step in starting a relationship.

They seem well-educated, funny, caring, and pay you so much attention!

Once they profess their love and you return it, they know they have you hooked and the money scam falls into place.

For every dollar contributed to freeing the money, an investor would get 300 back. Luckily, the dating sites that I use have an option to report abuse, and I do my best to report each case. The reference to the infamous Nigerian scam in a recent newsletter brought back memories.Our friend, Dave Taylor, provides a very good answer to a question that we’ve received (in different words) from dozens of subscribers: I don’t get it, and frankly I’m a bit freaked out: I just got an email message from a company I’d never heard of that said it had matched a couple of possible jobs to my resume, but I never went to their site, never uploaded a resume, and have no idea how they get all that information about me. Fifty years ago, I was doing criminal fraud investigations for the Securities and Exchange Commission, one of which became known as The Great Ford Swindle.It was probably an early, crude version of the Nigerian scam.Victims were told that Henry Ford on his death had left millions of dollars to be distributed to the “common folks” who had supported his company by buying and using Ford cars, but that it was tied up by a series of corrupt government officials (reaching all the way to the Supreme Court!

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This suggestion comes from Adam: I just wanted to notify you of a type of scam that is going on with some of the dating sites.

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