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She even had ideas for what the reunion would look like."I feel like we should get together with as much of the cast [that] is around and see if we can finagle a social media picture or something like that," she told on the brain for a while now. So he and I were going back and forth, and I was telling him about the show and he was telling me about his show.And film a reboot where Jamie doesn't pass away at the end so Jamie and Landon can live happily ever after together, while you're at it."I think it's a testament to the casting director, [they] knew what they were doing," Mandy added, commenting on the great chemistry the cast had on the set of the movie.Miscellaneous Content: Teens use peer pressure and pranks meant to hurt or embarrass others.Contains some derogatory religious portrayals, and some teasing about religious beliefs.Well out of his friends’ sight, he asks the preacher’s daughter for help with his lines while refusing to acknowledge her at school.

How did Jamie change when she fell in love with Landon? Page last updated Jamie made a list of things she wanted to accomplish in her life.What kind of life goals would you put on your list?But unlike the quick sex and make-up magic promoted so often, this is a story about what love could be… is rated PG by the MPAA Overall: B Caught up with the wrong crowd in high school, Landon Carter undergoes a transformation after a teenage prank goes drastically wrong. Sexual Content: B- Includes kissing (with varying degrees of passion) between teen-aged couples.He discovers the power of love and faith when he falls for the preacher’s daughter in this film for older teens that includes some thematic, language and sensual content. Characters make rude comments about body parts and one grabs crotch. Picture of scantily clad girl is passed around school.

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