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To protect the identities of our uteruses, and to provide a safe space for each person to share freely, we decided to each pick a badass Jewish woman from the archive, whose story resonated with us. BM: Yeah, after learning about menstruation from my dad while my mother avoided the issue, I was determined that my daughter would never learn about her period that way.

Yeah, I don’t really get it, but it’s fine, and it wasn’t violent. BM: My mother got really mad one day and stormed out of the room, and my father “explained” that she wasn’t legitimately upset, she was just on her period. This was the first time I was hearing about menstruation, and it was conveyed through a reductive and sexist lens.

” But I can’t force that on her, and I have to respect that she’s choosing something different. I had a lot of trouble putting in a tampon, and then I had even more trouble getting the tampon out.

I’ve been afraid of tampons ever since that first experience, even though my body is way different now, and I’m more comfortable. She did the traditional sit-down, “This is what’s going to happen. Okay, I’m gonna run away now.” And I didn’t use tampons at first, because my mom told me that I was too young and that it was not appropriate, which was weird.

There’s so much room for making learning about this inevitable female experience a positive thing! It’s like: “welcome to this part of your life, get excited!

Knowing these customs and principles, Jewish dating websites are designed specifically based on this conservative approach to dating.

They offer free and premium membership for Jewish singles to join the website and meet a variety of people from the Jewish community who are seeking life partners.

BM: My daughter and I have a really open relationship, but we part company when it comes to tampons.

She refuses to wear them––and then says “I can’t go swimming, I can’t go to the beach, I can’t do this, I can’t do that, I have my period”––and I just keep wanting to tell her “sweetie, tampons gonna set you free! It took me a long time because––as awesome as my mom was––no one told me that the first step to putting a tampon in is figuring out where your vagina is, which should be obvious but it’s not.

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At a time where relationships between a man and woman are started as casual acquaintances due to the loosening of social restrictions, Jewish men and women focus on real emotional compatibility and intimacy between them.

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