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Whats more, Antonia said sex can often be painful, and difficult thanks to the excess skin.

It's fairly uncommon, but labiaplasty would be a good option in this scenario," she said.Drawing a pair of images to describe her genitals, Antonia said: “This is what a perfect vagina looks like, I would compare this to a burger bun, sealed shut - nothing hanging out the end.“My labias drop down four centimetres from the outside, so I have four centimetres of skin hanging from my outer lips.These are like elastic bands so if I was to pull them I could get them down to my thigh,” she added.Usually, the fear that partners with gasp in horror as your pants come off isn't legitimate.But Redditor Sigourney_'s partners actually have shared her distaste for her own lady parts.

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Antonia descried her labia minora as being “like a Big Mac” on camera for BBC Three documentary, My Unusual Vagina.

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